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PRET puts you front and centre when obtaining your nationally-accredited qualification. Specialising in affordable, high level mentorship and training delivered by experienced professionals within the Queensland real estate industry. 
We offer access to comprehensive online and onsite training across a full range of real estate courses.

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Since 2006, we have been providing nationally accredited courses for the real estate industry. By engaging regularly with industry professionals, we fine tune our courses to deliver current and relevant content. Our fast-tracked, accessible training tools see us facilitating efficient online assessment turnovers.

Specialising in performance maximization, we at PRET actively take part in your learning experience. To help you achieve your goals, we provide personalised support throughout your studies. Offering tailored programs, we allow each student every opportunity to meet their desired outcome.

We arm our graduates with the latest job-ready skills to achieve a career in the real estate industry.

Note: PRET Australia is not a CRICOS Provider


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